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Table of Contents

Please contribute by editing and correcting spelling - and start to identify "chapters" out of this (provisional) Table of Contents. When we know what chapters are to be used - and how we call them - we can create chapter links in the navigation sidebar for this PmWiki/WikiGroup. Put in stuff that you find interesting to develop together and place it on the apt spot in the outline.

  1. [Arcology/HistoricalExamples historical examples of sustainable, dense and miniaturized settlements]]
  2. the evolutional value of the city
  3. Arcology/TheCaseForArcologyInTodaysWorld
  4. the arcology toolbox: proven and emerging technologies to make life in dense structures feasible and more fun
    1. Intensive Arcology/FoodProduction techniques for local consumption
    2. Local Arcology/EnergyProduction
    3. Arcology/AlternativeCommunications to replace internet
  5. gestalt of arcologies
    1. Embeddedness in Landscape
    2. Arcology/Mobility: Link within the Flow of Man and Material
    3. Arcology/Size of arcologies
    4. Arcology/Sociology of arcologies. Individual and community. Economy. The role of founders and democracy.
    5. Arcology/EconomicSecurityPotential
  6. Arcology/ArcologyResources
    1. Arcology/AcademicResearchers that deal with arcology and similar structures
    2. great arcology personalities and dreamers
  7. Arcology/Construction Methods
    1. Arcology/Labor
    2. Arcology/Material
  8. Arcology/ChoosingASite
  9. Major difficulties in Creating Arcologies
    1. Arcology/FindingLabor
    2. Arcology/Financing
    3. Arcology/Awareness
    4. Arcology/LackOfOrganization
    5. Arcology/PoliticalDistraction
  10. Arcology/OtherIssues


regarding the issue of renewable energy in the TOC

There are many places on the internet that provide excellent information on PV or whatever or that have extensive links. Why would the Arcology community want to duplicate such data? Is not the challenge to develop energy, food and water production systems that are building integrated; that are solutions for "living structures" that provide Arcologies that apply "Closed Ecological Life Support" methods to our habitat. This is fundamentally different from conventional agriculture and gardening in that plants are grown intensively and continuously within the controlled environment. This calls for a transparent building envelope - to my knowledge this is a new innovation that has not yet been implemented (except perhaps badly by Biosphere II and a few small scale projects to some limited degree) and I would expect that the Arcology community might take up such a challange. - Solaroofguy

I would agree in reducing the chapters in the arcology toolbox on the patterns that are more specific to the arcology theme. I think of a lot of specifics:
  1. The passive solar techniques of an arcology see EnergyApron
  2. Buildings dressing and undressing
  3. cooling and heating by using flows of air in a building
So lets try to rethink that and have the right genius take the lead. FranzNahrada
Great to see how this works! It would appear better to have the subheading in my chapters on their own pages leaving only
  1. Intensive Food production for local consumption
  2. Local energy production
on the Index page. How do you like the change?

While there is much on these topics on the web, it seems to me that some basics with links could be helpful to those not familiar with these techniques. Many people think milk comes fron cartons and meat fron a refridgerated case. Also this topic gave me something to practice with!! - Hank

I think the universe of renewable energy could well open up through the "entrance gate" of learning about their specific texture in the arcology context. insofar I welcome the change wholeheartedly. FranzNahrada
Hank, Franz, Rick - this is fantastic! I look forward to synergy with your efforts and networks. AndriusKulikauskas

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