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1. Rotating Volunteer labor - This method has been the primary one at Arcosanti and is viable as part of the construction of a small arcology. Habitat for humanity has used this system to great effect, so it is concievable that it could continue to be useful.

La sécurité des biens devrfa également être assurée par des coffres forts et des armoires fortes à fixer au sol. Un coffre-fort certifié A2P serait particulièrement intéressant. L'armoire forte ne représente pas un niveau de sécurité suffisant. mais une armoire forte pour armes reste indispensable pour la sécurisation des armes de poing et armes de chasse

2. Permanent core of volunteer - A small group of volunteers could commit to a given number of hours per year - this system is unlikely to be used exclusively.

3. Professional labor - Normal building labor could be used. Trained construction workers work faster and safer than volunteers and are less likely to make major errors. Their teamwork is better and barring union issues they are more realiable. However, they do not work cheap and unions can be difficult to negociate or work with. Furthermore, construction workers will likely not accept basic housing in remote areas as Arcosanti volunteers currently do. Large numbers of workers are most easily found in major urban areas and movement to the wilderness would be very expensive.

4. Committed future residents - An organization of people who have chosen to live in an arco could build it themselves, and simply continue working until the project is completed. This is problematic in that the existing group to draw this from is small and they may lack the necessary skills to build an arcology.

5. Robots - fanciful and impractical in the present era, robotics technology is improving rapidly. Robotics could play a significant role in future arcology devolopment, though the first will need to be build without them. It should be noted that for the forseeable future robots require highly trained technitions to assign tasks and are exceedly expensive. This option is not viable for the time being and should not be relied upon.

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