Arcology /

Awareness of the arcology concept has been declining rather than growing. Media coverage has dropped off since the 1970s, and little effort is being made to engage architecture schools, higher education, popular media and the world at large.

Arcologists need to lay out a concrete plan for an arcology and then publicize it locally, nationally, and internationally. Word could spread by grassroots means were there more volunteers and workers.

Misconceptions about arcology among those few who do know of it further hinder progress. Arcology has incorrectly been refered to as "the militant wing of new urbanism" - a statement that would be funny were it not so misguided and completely wrong (Note: Arcology is not necessarily connected to New Urbanism, arcology either as a concept or in practice is in no way militant). Many people conceptualize arcologies as dark, dystopian boxes where people live packed like sardines. This image needs to be corrected.

We need to seperate arcology from political statements, as this style of living does not explicitly endorse any particular political order - being thought of as a concept associated with political radicalism reduces our chances to draw from those who might otherwise be interested in arcology.

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