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Alternative Communications

The Altenative Communications pages will be for discussing how we could communicate between Arcologies in the event that the Internet no longer exists. It may be that our massive phone companies could break down if the world economies should collapse.

While equipment exists, should we build some type of radio net? This could currently include digital techniques that would be similar to the internet. Let us consider the following choices: (Please click on any ? to start page of your interest if link not yet set up)

  1. AmateurRadio
  2. CitizensBand radio
  3. FamilyRadio service
  4. BusinessBand radio
  5. MobileRadio
    1. Aeronautical
    2. Maritine
  6. Other means
    1. PrivatePhone systems
    2. LandlineTelegraph
    3. CourierService
    4. MailAndParcel delivery


This could be a very important skill area to develop Hank

There is a shortwave radio marketed which has a hand crank for manual power batteries needed. How difficult would it be to develop a transceiver....a transmitter and receiver in one, with a hand crank as well as a jack for external power generation via photovoltaics?

Dan in the moldy northwest

Transmitting takes a lot more power than receiving. However, I remember a hand cranked generator when I was in the communications section of a rifle company in the Army. This was during late 50s early 60s. Wonder if any of these might be available on the "surplus" market? I do have a High Frequency (HF)transceiver that is rated for 5 watts output. Not sure of the input power. Guess I'd better look it up. Hank on the dry side of the northwest

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