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Economic Security Potential

Various economic models are possible in Arcologies.

1. It is possible to create a physical basis for economic security: we build to allow our homes to have storefronts and we allow retail and other qualified types of activity to freely mingle within the residential area. Especially in cases where the physical plan of the city is optimized for convenience, as arcology proposes, the economic impact upon a resident population could be positive and substantial. A properly configured urban plan could assure each household a place from which any may fish, or not, in the passing economic stream.

2. All resources could be centrally developed in a planned economy. This has cultural conflict issues with most world cultures, however.

3. Normal economic rules could continue to apply - stores could be in commericial levels or districts, and be rented or owned. This would make it possible for the greatest degree of economic choice for residents.

It should be noted that arcologies have considerable potential advantages with regards to economic security. The closer proximity eliminates a considerable amount of waste in time, energy and material that could then be utilized more productively.

Greater energy and construction material efficiency (shared walls etc) could create long term savings.

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