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Finding Labor

An arcology requires enormous amounts of work to be done.

The Labor section contains information of outlooks on different types of labor.

One of the major problems encountered by would-be arcology builders so far is how to obtain the amount of labor necessary to build a complete arcology.

Locating near populated areas where volunteers are more pletiful helps.

Locating near good road and public transit access would help make volunteering more common as well.

A hybrid system of professional/paid labor and volunteerism is almost a given in future planning.

Arcologies that could be inhabited in stages and built accordingly would be preferable, as this make it possible to work without having sufficient resources to construct the entire project. Futhermore, residents might make some of the best volunteers, as they will have spare time from the efficiency savings, are already enthusiatic about the arcology concept and already located on site.

So far, by locating in remote areas (Arcosanti is isolated) and appealing more to a core group of strong supporters, arcology has not been able to utilize potential volunteer labor as much as it could. Furthermore, the insistance on the use of charges for substandard housing and payment for rudimentary training have made it difficult to recruit skilled and semi-skilled labor needed for more complex task completion and efficient work.

A lack of publicity since the 70s has hindered any chance of widespread recruiting.

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