Arcology /
Political Distraction

Arcologists have become distracted by commentary on the political scene and have become in some instances more interested in making political points than in building a community for the future.

We have become too ready to promote arcology as the solution to real or imagined problems that are essentially unrelated to the core concept of arcology rather than focusing on those problems we have real potential to address.

We have chosen to be sidetracked by utopian fantasies that exceed any rational expectations rather than soberly working for an incremental (though potentially radical) improvement in our living conditions.

We have chosen to debate American culture and political economy rather than recognizing that there are a variety of views in most any community, and no true arcology will likely be an exception.

Some of us have insisted that society be redesigned from scratch or near it as an accompanyment to the change in living conditions, not realizing or accepting that residents will come from existing societies and bring their own perspectives, beliefs and choices from their former homes and will expect to live their lives without the overbearing hand of utopian social engineering.

If we choose to spend our effort discussing what utopia is and arguing for radical changes in society as an imposition on all arcology residents and advocates, we will disapate our support and squander our time.

If we never agree to disagree, arcology may never be realized in any real form.

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