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The first issue is the connection between information technology and physical "Gestalt" of the settlement, the info-eco-node. How do such empowered villages look like? How do the new mental and spiritual possibilities - being "global" and being "village" at the same time - relate to each other. We think that the presence of global networking will manifest totally in every aspect of how we cunduct our lives and how we shape our material surrounding.

AndriusKulikauskas is investigating What is the spirit of global villages?.

FranzNahrada is investigating What is the concept of global villages?, What is the size of global villages? and What are the elements of a Global Village and how do they work together?

The second issue is the way the village handles the [+access to and usage of information'+]. At the core, as the seed of the village, we see a new type of educational or cultural institution. How can we describe this institution? How can we describe the house of knowledge, but also the medical doctor with a network, people who bring up the levels of education and health care? how are they organized to be present with a small facility, but being able to deliver a wide scope of services?

LaurentStraskraba is investigating What are the places where information flows into the village and What are the new abilities of people in Global Villages?

The third issue is [+the global networks'+] that support and protect the emergence of such villages and deliver the intellectual strength, the emotional backbone and the practical economic and political support for their growth and also for the services that we just described.

LaurentStraskraba together with FranzNahrada is investigating What are the opportunities which foster the emergence of Global Villages and Which organisations are the most interesting for Global Villages?

The fourth issue are the [+new technologies'+] that allow us not only to deliver services, but also to create wealth out of ideas, to literally turn software into bread and butter. We think the economic logic of those villages will circulate around two things:

a) working immaterially, paid or free, in global networks

b) support what Frithjof Bergmann calls the process of "high tech self-providing". We are habitually disconnected from the skills and abilities to provide for ourselves by global consumer society. We do not want to return to our grandfathers and -mothers "subsistence" lifestyle either - even if we feel living in todays economy is increasingly difficult. One way to solve this problems is to introduce many of the advances that have been created by the industrial society - division of labour, automation - on a decentralized, community level, so people can use the enormous progress in science and technology for their own benefit. One interest is to look at products and methods to create "more with less" and from local resources, embedded into sophisticated cycles of constantly renewed energy and materials.

AndriusKulikauskas is investigating What technologies are supportive of global villages?

The fifth issue is maybe the most important. It is the [+people'+] who are "Global Village leaders" that make all the difference and work as catalyzers on community development. We also want to get to know them here - and have them as contributors to share their knowledge.

So with all that in mind, let us go to the TableOfContents!


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