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But lets first tell what GlobalVillages is all about:

How are we going to live tomorrow?

In one sentence, Global Village is about what MarshallMcLuhan formulated as a surprising paradox:

"The media that globalize experience will, if pushed to their extremity,
expand local possibilities beyond any conceivable measure"

In the spirit of this idea, imagine a village or neighborhood of the future: Embedded in quiet nature and permaculture, but intellectually and culturally as hot as the City of San Francisco! Look from it from above:

This image - 'synchroni - city - is part of the almost unknown and unpublished "Bring Your Mind Home" book ([1] [2] [3]) courtesy of Tony S. Gwilliam Global Villager of the firsthour in Ohai and Bali, now realizing his dream in the BlooLagoon

One of many possible shapes of Global Villages

Thats what we are doing in Global Villages: we are playfully researching and developing this "inevitable" dream of our new place.

why not having them float in oceans, like Vincent Callebaut proposes?

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