(this information partly obsolete needs to be updated)

GlobalVillages is led by FranzNahrada, founder of the GIVE (Globally Integrated Village Environment) Lab in Vienna.

MinciuSodas communities previously here

GlobalVillages was conceptualised in one of the Seven Layers of the OurCulture Wiki created by the MinciuSodas Community.

  • independent thinker
  • global village
  • endavour
  • meetups and festivals
  • permanent associations and cultures
  • pattern language
  • realizing the one that is bigger than the self

We wanted to host other group but we abandoned this for the time being for the WorkNets concept.

The Arcology Wiki was maintained by William Burroughs aka Hank in the desert. it is now moving to Jeff Buderers Arcowiki:

The UnityCenter investigation was led by JeffBuderer from OneVillage Foundation, California, you find most of Jeffs work now here:

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