André Boeing


Question= To explore the richness of Creation with the posture of a constant and open question - and to see answers as temporary stations along the quest(ion)


AndriusKulikauskas: Welcome, André! It is great to learn of you. Do you know FranzNahrada?

Hi Andrius. What do you think? André and Franz, Dohrenbach, Germany.

Andrius: André, Franz, Great! Your key concept and question are very meaningful! How would you write your question as a question you don't know the answer to - would it be How to explore...? Thank you for sharing! Note: if you write your name in the Preferences page then we will see who you are in the RecentChanges when you write. I look forward to working together with you! P.S. Hi to AnneroseMuehlmann!

AndréBoeing: Aloha Andrius! Thank you for the warm welcome and I look4ward to network with you fellows. I "can't" really write the Question in a way "that I do not know the answer to". It wouldn't be authentic. The InvestigatoryQuestion for me is BEING the Question itself. Question as the method of Quest.

AndriusKulikauskas: André, thank you for explaining! So it is not an InvestigatoryQuestion in the sense that we mean here, which is a question that you don't know the answer to, but intend to answer. Such questions help us appreciate how people are consciously and openly growing and encouraging us by their example. They also let us know how we might help others in their work. We're collecting them here so that we could organize around such efforts. See our list at PersonalOutlooks. Meanwhile, I'm looking at your MothershipGaia website and your many projects!


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