Mothership Gaia

"Mothership Gaia - a blank new world" is an unfolding project in its seed state and currently in Episode 0.5 - Genesys sprouting. (half an episode before it begins - early evolution - growth of a system)

The vision: A community created Open Source Culture Myth being told in multiple mediums to inspire The Great Quest of Peace Building and Integral Sustainable Development.

Todays mass media myth being told in movies, video games, massive multiplayer online role playing games, web communities, audios, etc. are still dominated by the mono themes of military, war, crime, consumerism, propaganda and sex. There aren't enough alternatives yet that inspire the requirements of our time: Peace Building and Integral Sustainable Development.

Thanks to New Media we as common(s) people can produce such a multiple medium myth together. In order to do that, Media- and Ecoliteracy have to be raised. Mothership Gaia intends to support this with online and local edutainment programs,

last version was about a 3 Level project anatomy. Currently the reverse focus is active. (Level 3 is the main focus)

Here is the liveDevelopment platform in Genesys

  • Level 3 contains the specific programs called Action quests
    • Online and local educational programs and edutaining Performance Art Lectures about Integral Sustainable Development, Media literacy, Online Community competence, MediaEcosophy and BlissNess
    • A community created, interactive Culture Myth being told in multiple mediums
More infos on the building up website: htp://

original first entry by FranzNahrada : A very interesting project, that started off when Andr├ęBoeing from the German Village of Ziegenhagen in the Kaufungen National Forest near Witzenhausen wanted to develop a computer game that fosters Peace with young people.

It grew into an online community and much more.

Here is the Homepage

It is multilingual, but the English part is more developed.

It starts with a "seed community"

interesting points:

The 9 experimental Media Ecosophy principles

There is an Open Book Project, a Blank New World, that we're invited to write together. (Andrius: For that purpose it would be wonderful if the wiki was in the EthicalPublicDomain.)

Andrius: Andre, it's great to see you here! Thank you for writing and sharing your world!

Andrius: Hi Andre, I'm wondering how we might best work together. Perhaps BenoitCouture is a good connection at our lab. He works with a Christian outlook, but is imaginatively looking for a broader language that might connect with all people. His key concept is Organic Experience of Spiritual Unity. I think there is something similar about your approaches.

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