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Global Villages Short Manual

Global Villages Short Manual

This is going to be a 12 - 16 pages brochure giving information on all aspects of GlobalVillages.

  • Introduction
    • Purpose of this brochure, overview of the content
  • Background
    • A world of disturbing changes holds a big opportunity
  • Mission
    • How we want to find and connect game - changers who see the potential of a cooperative "globe of villages"
  • History
    • How this idea emerged.
  • Goal
    • A new balance of city and countryside
    • A new design for rural living
    • A new global agenda for peace and prosperity of all
  • Allies
    • Developments in technology
    • New understanding of nature
    • The end of the competitive economy
  • Members
    • the researchers
    • the activists
    • the bridge builders
  • Contact
  • lets meet at the Night University !
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