FranzNahrada April 6, 2009 7:42 CET: The Global Villages Network is happy to be organized alongside "worknets principles" which means to be together with many others in the business to create a new culture.

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My view of Worknets Principles

I want to give a short account of these principles from a subjective view - why I think that its important to recognize the Worknets effort: the general features of this new culture that is emerging and finally might be captured in a Charter seem to be the following for me:

1. All our work is based and focused on the work of creative, dedicated individuals who follow their deepest values and strive to share their work with others who do the same. We arrive at a point in history where finally the individual is really in focus, not as abstract being, but as a special contributor to a wealth of contributions.

2. We seek the voluntary collaboration and community with those who encourage us and make us grow in the perseverance of our goals, as much as we seek to encourage others. This is true in the global and the local scale, although at the beginning it might be much easier to find such resonance in the Internet than in our physical surrounding. Without this resonance we cannot work.

3. We deeply miss in the current educational system a sensitivity for such individual "calling" and a system of encouragement to reach our highest possibities and attain answers for our actual questions.

4. We want therefore decide to create a mutual support system to challenge each other and hold us accountable for what we have declared as our central personal values - rather than follow abstract belief systems. We wish everybody to succeed. We think that this will lead us to the "best of all possible worlds".

5. We value science and competence as elements that are indispensible steps of mastering our goal. We feel that every goalsetting unveils questions that we cannot currently answer and things that we cannot yet do. Knowing and artfulness are universal goals. We want everybody to learn and know more. We already know that we live far below our possibilities.

6. Our contribution as "Worknets" to the emerging world of peer production and commons is a network of "embedded mentoring" and constant productive dialogue. We see the personal relations that help us grow as necessary contribution; as well as individual responsibility and leadership. We want everybody to grow into leadership.

7. Our goal is also to reach out to the ones that are hard to reach. The proof of our concept is a world where nobody is left out.

8. We do not limit ourselves to any particular culture, ideology or religion, but we appreciate the sense of transcendence that is the base to all these phenomena: that the human nature is by its very nature bound to seeking durabilty and meaning beyond our limited individual vanishing lives. God is no delusion, but a form in which this search for our true self appears.

9. We want to build an infrastructure to facilitate not only the communicative process, but the process of living out or goals. The infrastructure will be informational, but it will also be physical. An important part of this infrastructure will be Global Villages.

10. One important element that derives from this principles is to keep as much of our work as possible accessible and useable without restriction, which means to keep in in the Public Domain.

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