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What is the spirit of global villages?

See also my proposal to RickNelson to create a Global Villages Index.

AndriusKulikauskas: I am very moved by all of our work on "global villages" and "local circles" and I want to understand this as the next layer of society in which independent thinkers are keen to invest in once they feel able as individuals (which we are feeling). So I will openly investigate a question "What are technologies that support global villages?" and first I will ask "What is the spirit of global villages?" My hypothesis is that a "global village" is a "state of mind" for participants of a local circle that is supported by their activity along multiple dimensions. My plan is to look for such dimensions that I think are essential to global villages, such as:

  • How intensely do you (your local circle) develop a shared vision?
  • How do you nurture and enjoy your own creative culture?
  • How do you help each other address personal needs, crises, challenges?
  • How much do you help the disadvantaged in your neighborhood?
  • How much are you a base for social entrepreneurs?
  • How much are you self-sustaining economically?
  • How thoughtful are you ecologically?
  • How actively do you participate in the global world?
  • How transparent and sharing are you in social networking?
  • How active are you in local political matters?
I think that all these questions (and more) are essential for global villages, and in each case it's a matter of degree. I think that we can discover these dimensions and then for each recognize "parameters" that express (in terms of recurrent activity) how vibrant that dimension is for a particular village. Generally, each global village tends to focus on just a few and forget the others. I hope to come up with simple common sense metrics (presumably based on intensity of activity) for each paramter that would help us size up a global village. Then we could consider technologies (such as , wikis, community currencies, ) in terms of how they are intensifying our global village activity along different dimensions, and how they are resolving conflicts amongst those dimensions. I hope this work might be useful for Franz Nahrada's and Jeff Buderer's work on a pattern language for global villages. I hope to conduct my investigation with all of our help collecting examples in ways that might be useful to all of our endeavors.


  • How to distinguish the values around a circuit from the value systems that make up a (global) village.
  • Who decides what are the values in a particular "parish".
  • what are the core questions to unvail the core values and make them workeable?
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