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Networking Entities around the world are the most important source for the support of GlobalVillages. This part of the Globalvillages Wiki aims to point to them and later also describe them.

Focus on knowledge exchange:

Open Coop Dr. Gary Alexander - ICT Department, Technology Faculty, Open University- .Tom Salfield - Uniteddiversity LLP -Josef Davies-Coates - Uniteddiversity LLP - Oliver Sylvester Bradley - Defacto Design
Open Eco Network Rick Nelson, Marcin Jakubowski
Global Ecovillage Network | The European Ecovillage Network | Ecovillage at Wikicities

see European networks...

  • Austrian National Contact St. Pölten Austria
  • Come Together Netzwerk Bandau Germany
  • Czech Republic Ecovillage Network Brno Czech Republic
  • Eco-Village Network U.K. Bristol England
  • GEN Senegal Yoff/Dakar Senegal
  • GEN-Finland Helsinki Finland
  • Hungarian National Network Oroshaza Hungary
  • Israel National Contact Israel
  • LOS Galten Denmark
  • Red Ibérica de Ecoaldeas Artosilla Spain
  • Réseau Francaise Eco-Villages Dionay France
  • RIVE Firenze Italy
  • Romania National Contact Timisoara Romania
  • Russian Ecovillage Network St. Petersburg Russia
  • WAS Polish Ecovillage Network Staroscin Poland
Africa | Middle East

Global Ecovillage Network Oceania & Asia | Ecovillage Network of the Americas

Intentional Community Network
European Council of Villages and Small Towns Michael Dower, Angus Fowler, Andrea Weigert, Arthur Spiegler

Sustainable Communtiy Action wiki

Minciu Sodas network
Gaia trust

Science Environment for Ecological Knowledge, our lab member Joseph Goguen is active, and we should try to find ways to work for them. For example, they are hiring an on-site web developer, so maybe they would consider some off-site work.

Focus on implementation projects

Local Initiatives Support Cooperation USA

One Village Network Worldwide - Joy Tang, Jeff Buderer, Mark Roest, Edward Cherlin

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