How To Find Patterns
The [APatternLanguageForGlobalVillages Patterns] are not something "out of the blue" or mere theory. They should allready work in a way, allthough GlobalVillages are not out there yet in their final form.

So we can find "seed forms" of a pattern. For example the "Mothercity" pattern (Patterns/MOTHERCITIES) could be represented by a urban hospital that supports local doctors in Villages by diagnosis and therapy through Telemedicine.

Again, in the exact conceptualisation of the pattern, always think of spatial manifestations of the patterns. Talking about "Open Source Networks" as pattern, we might end up with the necessity of including patterns which are competely dispersed in space also. Yet even here we have places where activities are focussed in the global villages.

AndriusKulikauskas: Franz, great to see your momentum building. It has been very helpful thinking about these patterns. I think that as important (and almost more important) than structure is the activity which it channels and from which it emerges. This activity can be present (and be impactful) even when the structure is hardly apparent. So it's great to understand this activity and encourage it everywhere so as to help global villages unfold organically. I wonder, for example, what is the key activity that gives rise to global villages? and gives them their overall shape? It must be something that is a recurring activity. For example, it might be a continuous switching back and forth between: - stepping inside one's own culture and stepping outside of it or is it something else? but perhaps that is it, because it would explain why the villages is important - it is the boundary for our neighborhood, for the area where we can impact our culture. It defines the boundary between "local" and "global". Wondering.

The Christopher Alexander term for this is "process". He is much more specific in his ground-breaking 4-volume "The Nature of Order", especially in volume 3 "The Process of Creating Life". A lot is about structure-preserving transformations. -- HelmutLeitner

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