How Can IContribute
Hi Global Villages friends,

Those that would like to be contributing members to the Global Villages need to register their membership name at this page of the wiki:

Fellow Contributors, please add your name (copy the format you will see in the edit window) to the list with a one line blurb and save the page. Then click on the ? link following Profiles/YourName and that will open a ProfilesPage where you can introduce at length and provide links to your places on the web and other contact information (picture) or whatever you like. Then use this name when you sign for your edits and new pages that you create.

A table of contents can help to guide us in the creation of a good Page Name, as they are sometimes called, for each subtopic or section of the wiki. These page names are abbreviations that are used to organize the knowledge base in a common sense way that is intuitive and very easy to use. Before you make a WikiPage you can enter your proposed title for the page in the search box to see if there is already a similar WikiPage that might be appropriate to use for your contribution - this can avoid duplication of subjects with slightly different page names.

If you are passionate about a subject then create a page name for the subject and enter some content. Do a little at a time. Paste text in from the forum or stuff you have already written on the subject. Don't worry too much about formatting the text - others might help to edit. The idea is that we all work to improve the content of every page. Everything written is subject to peer review and can be rewritten to reach a consensus. Diverging opinion can be kept towards the bottom of a page in the form of an ongoing discussion and/or comments.

Participation is the thing. Go ahead and give it a try. You will find that you will be back to check RecentChanges to see what is happening. Also, watch recent changes to see who is editing (use your membership name to sign your edits) and to observe if there is any abuse or spam. If so you can use the History link to restore the page and remove spam. If it becomes a problem it is easy to use a login.

Building a wiki is great fun - Rick

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