Community Scale
Out of a recent conversation with Rick Nelson on the Arcology list:

"What you are saying Franz is that our connectedness (which has grown by leaps and bounds in last couple of years) alters the previously documented critical points in relation to community size. For example even the smallest threshold for numbers of people for successful community start up is now and will continue to become a lower number than might have been thought possible in the past. This is because the small groups' capacity is multiplied by the support of a virtual community that can be glue to the team wishing to form a community. Therefore the momentum towards forming new Arcologies" (read: cities, villages, settlements of highly sustainable structure) "would also have a virtual component that could not exist before the creation of virtual, distributed, global villages - in a sense this is the mission of your GlobalVillages project, Franz."

"We need to be aware of how the virtual global village can be used effectively to incubate real life local villages" (aka Global Villages) "In fact there may be a whole new dynamic that would drop the threshold and the tipping point of awareness of the transformative processes required on the path to a sustainable future. I have a vision that the real-life, local villages will precipitate like rain out of the virtual cloud of the global village."

" One of the key catalysts to seed this cloud and reach a point of wide spread transformation is creating and sharing the HOWTO in our OpenSource internet community. The tools for EcoLiving are necessary precursors to the building of EcoVilla or EcoVillages where we will have self reliance BUILT into our pattern of living - that is the new EcoLiving lifestyle that we can create globally and adopt and adapt locally."

"One of our new tools for improving connectedness, team work and support to small groups is the Wiki. There have sprung up a community of communities now using the same Wiki framework since about this time last year when the SolaRoofWiki began and now consisting of 5 Wiki and many WikiGroups (links are found from our navigation sidebar) where the power of our communities - to share experience, create and test technical documentation so as to form trusted knowledge bases, and also improve communication - has greatly increased."

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