An open space in Copenhagen

"What is it, you might ask? Good question. Here are some answers:"
  • Arena is an open space in the heart of Copenhagen.
  • Arena is shared office space, shared ideas, meeting space and much more.
  • Arena is whatever we make it.
  • Arena is a club for spirited people.
  • Arena is a new type of physical hub in civic society uniting people from different parts of life together in love of generosity.

This poses interesting questions in the context of GlobalVillages idea. Obviously Arena shares some ideas and spirit, but - at the same time - Copenhagen can't be called a village. How will this fit together? I feel a tension there. If all good ideas are grasped faster in big cities than in the villages, how can the villages catch up? -- Profiles/HelmutLeitner

It is not city against villages; the core seeds, also culturally, of Global Villages may and will emerge in cities. It is like the seed capsule of poppyseed: The Global Village Center emerges in a part of town, and soon it will influence that part of town. People in the Neighborhood will use it in its highly unstructured, multidimensional function. Then, after these experiences, we might be able to bring such seeds to the countryside easier. --Profiles/FranzNahrada

I think one can try to build on the special advantages that villages have. Available space. Visibility. Identity. Small distances. Beautiful Countryside. Open-air. Personal relationships. Natural guestfriendship. If one explores pattern in the city environment, different working patterns will be found, that work less good in the village environment, while other patterns are maybe not looked at. "electrical vehicle" vs "bike or walk to working place" might be a simple example for that. -- Profiles/HelmutLeitner

Note from a visit to the website in 2005: it seems the site is maintained poorly and overgrown by spam. Therefore I remove it from the Globalvillages Directory and put the link into MoreResearchNeeded. Profiles/FranzNahrada

[see OpenSpace, contribution from Lucas transferred to a page of its own]

-- Profiles/LucasGonzalez

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