Alan Heeks
AndriusKulikauskas: I have set up this page to engage AlanHeeks. I am proposing to help him and his team design their eco-village by using a PatternLanguage for the VillageLayout.


AlanHeeks achieved success in management at Procter and Gamble as an entrepreneur as the cofounder in 1985 of Caradon plc, a major building materials group. He currently leads his consultancy Working Vision.

He is the author of TheNaturalAdvantage (2000). In his book he shows the fruitfulness of a metaphor by which he compares organic approaches at work and in farming. He illustrates the diminishing returns of artificial inputs and champions the much more chaotic but rewarding organic approaches.

Since 1990 he has worked on three land-based social enterprises:

He is also active in Dances of Universal Peace


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