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Benin Kenya



  • Madina

  • Eco Yoff has been successful in not only creating a urban ecovillage in the Dakar, the capital of Senegal but has has also developed Senegal Ecovillage Network which is a 12-ecovillage project under the "Eco Yoff" umbrella in Senegal. They stress a new development model where people from do not simply see aid work as a one way process of helping but a way for people open their hearts and minds in a process of giving as well as we recieving.
  • Fahoune
  • The Ecocity Trust
  • Klein Karoo Sustainable Dryland Permaculture Project stresses the idea that the current world situation in relation to ecological and social decline is not so much an issue of technology but human empowerment through effective organizational and human development practices. They are currently working on a sustainable development program using drylands permaculture, which is specially designed for arid and semi-arid regions of the world.
  • Kuthumba Nature Reserve
  • Thlolego is a ecovillage themed development project, 100 kilometres from Johannesburg. It was started by Paul Cohen, an Ashoka Fellow. A focus of their work is in developing permaculture and also promoting ecotourism. They recently worked with Lauren Segal of NextAID to develop a special Permaculture workshop in the fall of 2004.
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