World Garden
Started April 14, 2006 (EdJonas)

May 13, 2006



Well this pretty much is the weekend that marks seeding and birthing time here in Alberta, CANADA. Just a hello and a big thankyou to all the farmers, ranchers and gardeners for the important work they do.

April 22, 2006

World Garden Update


World Garden Visuals Link =

Well seeing how it is close to earth day I am posting this link for some visuals on the world garden. It seems the concept has taken root and is starting to spread.

carry on and "GLOBAL JOY" to all

Global Ecovillage Ring Link =

World Garden Mirror Page Link =

April 14, 2006


World Garden Project

World Garden Concept Link =

Hello ... You know the more I think of this it is a "genius" of an idea... except for a few places where its going into winter but even then people can pledge their indoor garden. I herebye thus pledge my 5 house plants in Central Alberta, Canada to the World Garden movement and with do my best to care for them, and water and feed and talk to them and make sure they have lots of light and don't fight.

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