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Welcome to the global-villages-wiki, a wiki about global villages.

starting points: wiki nodes of our neighbors:

the global-villages-wiki on node-wikis:
  • none so far
real-time communication:
  • irc ?
  • moon-edit, server, port 32123 (standard), page: global-villages-wiki

neighbors (still) without a wiki-node: other wiki-nodes:
An alternative to the wiki-node is the Tour-busStop(TourBusStop).

!Neighbors are a community affair and need to be talked about:

Hi Mattis! I don't understand what you are doing here. It looks interesting. Please explain! How can we participate? AndriusKulikauskas

Andrius, WikiNode is one of the three concepts to interconnect wikis across the world and to let people find places of interest. The other ones are directories (like and the MeatballWiki:TourBus (expecting a living community). -- HelmutLeitner

Hi, look around on the other nodes and put some neighbor's wiki-nodes in here and yourself on their wiki-nodes if you think they might be interested. If they aren't they will delete the link again I don't know where to put the wiki-node best. Profiles, GlobalWillages? -- MattisManzel

Mattis, Thank you for explaining. This is the best place I think. AndriusKulikauskas

Helmut Leitner explains the idea of wiki-nodes here

Ok, you have profiles/recent changes, global villages/recent changes and main/recent changes. That's pm-wiki (potentially powerful, but a little hard to understand for the average wiki-user). On we have pm-wiki too, all the central stuff ended up in Profiles there - we did not understand then. Here you did it better, putting the central stuff in Global villages, using Profiles for the member homepages just like it's tought to be done I guess. That's why I mixed up recent changes and member activity. For now member activity - better "changes on member homepages" maybe - isn't that important. It might become useful, when there are hundreds of members. Interesting insights in pm-wiki - I hope I do not start reconstructing from scratch . Correct me please if I didn't understand right. MattisManzel

I have an idea on triggering the RecentChangesOfOurNeighbors with a ranking of the neighbors on the wiki-node. See please:


Andrius: Mattis - this is great to think about - I've added a page on desired features at our Open Leader wiki.

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