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How do we transform our village into a Global Village?

What's the single most simple thing you can introduce in a "normal" village to turn it more into a "global" village? What's the single most powerful thing you can do to that effect? LucasGonzalez

I would simply say: install a powerful educational center (UnityCenter) with a VideoBridge FranzNahrada

It's more a process:
  • a core project group needs to create a vision to transform the village to a global village, usually from an urgent need (core group needs to have some members from the village and at least one member from the global community)
  • a village center has to be created or strengthened, where people can meet, work with modern technology to connect to the global sphere, preferred is the transformation of an existing building that people can identify with
  • a unique topic has to be selected that is naturally connected to the village interests, in which the village has to become excellent, to give something to the world, plan events (a conference, academy, services, constant work, ...)
  • two virtual communities have to be bootstrapped,
      • (1) the local online community for the village and its neighbours,
      • (2) one global online community for the village and its topic (native language), each providing advantages for its contributors
      • (1) and (2) can be in the same wiki, we have proven that (FranzNahrada)
At least that's how I observed it at Kirchbach. The most important seems "to create a new center - physically and spiritually - connected to the global sphere." It seems important that it's a visible symbol of transformation and that village people can identify with. -- HelmutLeitner

I find the above steps very helpful in understanding what is taking place. I'm wondering what is key here, what is the key activity. Perhaps it is the impulse to "give something to the world". This makes for a reinterpretation of all of the local activity so that it has new significance. Perhaps the conflict of forces is between "taking care of ourselves" and "giving to all the world". Perhaps the solution is to excel at one's own (broader) outlook, vision in ways that make us leaders, contributors regarding related (narrower) topics in the world. Perhaps the activity is to focus our resources so that we build on the matters where we do excel. And what results is an infrastructure for that matter which serves a wider region. (We can think of the many villages that are world famous for their foodstuffs or craftsmanship). The Internet simply allows a wider variety of topics (abstract and mental, not only concrete and physical) and let us communicate more richly their relationship to our broader outlook, vision, culture, values. --AndriusKulikauskas

Three further type of communities seem necessary to take into account.

  • (3) the global online community to advance the gv idea (here),
  • (4) the global online community for the gv topic (parallel to the native language community) and
  • (5) an global online community of all gvs and those offering new or sustainable technologies to this gv project market. This gives 2L+3V communities to bootstrap in the long run and a minimum set of 7 communities (Languages=2, Villages=1), each individual systems driven by different people, visions and interests. -- HelmutLeitner
Thank you Helmut for clearly Identifying community 3! We also are working on (5), I think OpenCoop and OneVillage are working on the same track, and we will try to support also also the 5th community (Alliance of Global Villages) here. Maybe in OurAssociations !!

And to add the regionalaspect: GlobalVillages are playing part in a regional topical division also. In Kirchbach they had the idea to create a "aspectual community" where each global village is surrounded by global villages with complementary topics. The idea there is to make each village a global village. This gives much room to what Christian Eigner calls the "SpaceEconomy" - understanding the importance of regional cycles and relations. --FranzNahrada

I fear this might end in just labeling villages as "global" without the necessary internal transformations. The result would be a dissipation of energie and focus. It would also reduce the advantages of Kirchbach relative to the regional neighbourhood. Reduce the attention and the chances for funding of projects. Kirchbach also doesn't yet live up to its "open source village" role - basically someone locally "promotes to use Linux, Apache, Open Office, Zope" which is not sufficient to get global weight for the OS community. Only if you add your weight in terms of OEKONUX and a generalized OS theory, and add its importance as a model global village, it may work at Kirchbach. You won't be able to do this for a dozen villages. Success is not granted and nothing should be done that reduces the chances for Kirchbach. -- HelmutLeitner.

I feel that we can do both at the same time; stay grounded in the regional circumstance and become a Global Village. I was shocked first when the Kirchbachers said that their neighbouring villages ought to be called "Global Villages" too; though I would choose another term, I honor their good intention. --FranzNahrada

Maybe another problem: different "languages". As long as we agree which terms we use and don't become confused, this will not present a problem. This adds to the reasons to separate the "gv theory community" from the "gv alliance community". -- Profiles/HelmutLeitner

Could you please give examples of all the above categories? A link to Kirchback? Thanks! -- Profiles/LucasGonzalez

A link to Kirchbach is easy:

Helmut, lets figure out examples to be given:

  1. the local online community for the village and its neighbours (native language)
  2. the global online community for the village and its topic (native language)
  3. the global online community to advance the gv idea (here)
  4. the global online community for the village and its topic (parallel to the native language community)
  5. the global online community of all gvs
  6. the global online community to advance the gv idea (native language)
  7. the global online community of all gvs (native language)
Community 6 and 7 sem to have a different status. --Franz

If we hadn't the language problem, the situation would simplify to these 4 communities:

  1. the village (local)
  2. the village topic (topical)
  3. community of villages (economical, alliance)
  4. community of gv facilitators (theory, process)
The community (2) (3) (4) of this list will exist in the native language (2nl) (3nl) (4nl) and in English (2en) (3en) (4en). It is not clear, which will take the leading or the knowledge transfer roles. -- Helmut

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