Kirchbach /

AndriusKulikauskas: This week I visited Kirchbach and spoke with HansjorgMatzer, MonikaMatzer, FranzSteinwender and Rupert.

We talked about a proposal that I will write here. Hansjorg had mentioned that there is a possibility to receive 10,000 euros from the Vulkanland region.

I propose to work as an organizer based in Kirchbach for twelve weeks during the course of a year. I would organize a group of twenty to thirty entrepreneurs who are getting started in businesses related to the new economy (such as new energy, new craft, multimedia, video bridging, open source software, ecotourism, etc.). About half would be from the local area and about half from farther away. This group would use KB5 as a base for their businesses and would be responsible for organizing activity there including the video bridges. Some of them might work as interns in the KB5 businesses and even be hired by them part time or full time, or work with them as partners in various business projects, or buy their services. In this way KB5 would be a business incubator and a New Work center.


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