Teesside Meeting Agenda

My friend in Teeside, Steve Thompson is organising some community visits and our participation in one of his renowned virtual pub quizzes on January 27th.

My suggested program for the workshop is as follows :-

  • Tuesday January 25th - Delegates arrive - evening get together
  • Wednesday Jan 26th - One Day Conference on Rural Development by Education and ICT
  • Thursday Jan 27th - ERDE Internal meeting (am) + Local Community Visits (pm)
  • Friday Jan 28th - Visits to Community Projects
  • Saturday Jan 29th - Delegates depart
I am very keen that each country should make a presentation at the conference on the Wednesday based on practical experience of real-life community projects such as we all saw in Austria, Germany and Poland.

The delegates and other speakers at the conference will all have such practical experience which I hope we can all learn from.

The agenda is not entirely set in stone (apart from Wed & Thursday) so any other suggestions would be welcome



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