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Technical Questions

!!Is it possible for users to delete pages?

Andrius: Currently, users should simply delete the content of a page. The page remains but it is blank. They might write the author as Delete This Page. Then I can go in and delete the corresponding file. Each page is stored as a separate file that includes its page history. It would be possible to create special functionality so that users could do this. That could also be password protected. Let's think if that would be useful.

!!How best to deal with spam?

Andrius: What is working best (thanks to George Christian Jeyaraj) is that we keep a blacklist (blacklist.php) where we list objectionable words and URL domains. The spammers keep track of the pages they spoil and try to wear us down by restoring their content. But the blacklist foils them. We also have a script (or had, I'm looking for it) that lets us find the urls that are kept within the pages. That lets us know which pages we should clean. I don't know why on Google for "global villages" our YahooGroup is listed Nr.63 and is listed Nr.132 but I think that's related to spam issues that I hope I've cleared up. (Whereas we are Nr.1, Nr.5 and Nr.8 at Also, we should be more active in linking to from others sites. [{{}} If you check] you'll see that practically all the links are from our own network.

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