This pages have been started during the Berlin Meeting of The ERDE learning partnership to facilitate the continuation of discussion.
We had a Brainstorming about the definition of what is a RegionalInformationCoach
We should look well which SimilarProjects
We want to start a EuropeanProject to bring about the essential conditions for the formation of RICs.
We are discussing essential ProjectGoals that all together help making RICs a reality.
We are assessing NeedsAndInfrastructures that help us support our endavour.
We need to determine the Partners halping to make this project a reality.
We need to determine the TargetGroups (beneficiaries) and describe the more or less ideal Candidates for RICs.

Please note our intensive work on the ERDE/RICBrochure.


More than that, there is place to take notes on GoodPractises

Andrius: I'm writing a chapter of my handbook ({{OurCulture/Welcome}}TheCultureOfIndependentThinkers) on{{OurCulture/self-learning}}Self-learning. I include some links on Learning that are relevant for Regional Information Coaching.

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