Regional Information Coach

This is about defining the Regional Information Coach

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At the core of the definition is the notion that we are in need of persons having the skills to bridge between the potentials of the Internet and the potentials of the Local.

This is even much more important than the question if this is a profession of its own or just an additional qualification.

At the core of the definition is also that there is a clear distinction to "knowledge manager". A RIC is a person whose primary function is to enable other persons to access their full potential of self learning. Self Learning can be defined as self directed learning on the base of a wealth of available materials. So RIC is about direction and choices of learning. We are cocreating/discovering/describing a person who motivates and supports self learners in a local environment, so the outcome of the learning process fosters both the development of the target groups / persons involved as also the community and regional cohesion.

Questions involved:

1. Define the skills of RICs in a way that leaves place for individual profiles.

possible solution: have a basic agreement on dimensions of skills that are needed.

2. Determine how the qualification can be brought to visibility and widespread (general) acceptance

Peer-Review / Curriculum / Accreditation

possible solution: do not anticipate this process now, but rather focus on the outcome.

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